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Commercialization Solutions for BioPharma & Medical Device Manufacturers

Hub Services

Reimbursement    |    Clinical    |    Alternative Coverage

At CareMetx, we tailor our services to the needs of each product and the patient population the product serves. We craft and customize the appropriate high-touch solution, staff our support team with highly-skilled and experienced professionals and support the program with our proprietary hub technology, CareMetx Connect.

Our Reimbursement Services provide administrative relief to physician’s offices, guidance to patients, and assurances to our manufacturer partners that market access is achieved.

CareMetx designs its Clinical Programs to always serve the patient’s needs. We create multi-disciplinary clinical care teams to manage clinical pathways, provide care conferences, manage therapy and clinical outcomes.

If your program requires Alternative Coverage Services, CareMetx can manage and administer copay and patient assistance programs on behalf of the manufacturer using predetermined eligibility requirements.

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Technology solutions for today’s complex therapy products

  • CareMetx Connect
    CareMetx Connect, is a cloud-based technology for hub management and support of all the “hub” services required of specialty products. CareMetx Connect assures greater productivity of support personnel with its guided workflow, and product-specific triggers and it provides a cost-effective solution with easy customization and fast launch capabilities. Schedule a demo to see how CareMetx can support your hub, or replace your current CRM software.
  • Reporting Dashboards
    Manufacturers need access to data that informs decisions. CareMetx creates product or program branded reporting dashboards that allow for ad hoc reporting, self serve analytics and secure access based on role, department and territory. Contact us for a demonstration of our dashboard’s capabilities.


Master Data Management | Data Analytics | Data Warehouse

Master Data Management

As a hub provider, CareMetx is uniquely positioned to collect robust data directly from the source, managing the myriad data feeds to and from specialty pharmacies and other entities, on behalf of the manufacturer. Data feeds are monitored for quality and reported in a de-identified manner to the manufacturer.

Data Analytics

CareMetx can take collected data to the next level and aggregate, analyze, and benchmark it against other available data sources. Delivered in reports, dashboards and portals, the data provide market intelligence and actionable information for physicians, payers and manufacturers to predict trends, make business and care decisions, and ultimately demonstrate value.

Data Warehouse

CareMetx acts as a secure central data depository for manufacturers’ data. Cleansing, verifying, integrating and aggregating the data for further analysis.

User Experience

CUSTOMER INTERFACE TOOLS: Portals, Dashboards and Apps

  • Portals and Dashboards
    CareMetx Portals and Dashboards are intuitive and engaging interfaces, providing value to every stakeholder in the delivery of therapy. It’s best to see them in action, so we recommend scheduling a demo to see how ad hoc reporting, secure communications, task management, and touch-friendly design and other features can improve your customer’s experience.
  • Patient Mobile Applications
    CareMetx Patient Mobile Applications enhance one-on-one interactions between the patient and the provider or hub. For medication adherence, side effect tracking, appointment & refill reminders, and education & training, the app is a way to engage the patient and improve outcomes.
  • Frontline
    CareMetx Frontline is a fully customized mobile application for use on tablets or smart phones for field work forces like nurse educators and sales representatives enabling real time access and interaction wherever they may be.

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Robert K. DresingChairman
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Mark D. HansanPresident and Chief Executive Officer
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Elizabeth (Beth) DresingVice President, Marketing & Corporate Culture
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Greg LahensVice President, Information Technology
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Bill LambrosVice President, Finance & Operations

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