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33% Faster Time to Therapy

100% Committed to Patient Care.


Emotional, financial, and clinical barriers for patients needing specialty therapy cause significant delays. While Hubs aim for the best patient outcome, most are tethered to dated solutions. This is where CareMetx comes in. We meticulously inspect every twist and turn to find opportunities to accelerate treatment and ongoing use of therapy. We’re the digital Hub that takes access and adherence personally. 

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 Address patient questions and concerns Develop patient’s psychological readiness and motivational skills Initiation Therapy Education Support Adherence Foster Persistence Clinical Outcomes Patient Reported Outcomes Brand-Level KPI’s Remove Access Barriers › Adherence › Remove Affordability Barriers › Measure Outcomes ›
For over a decade, CareMetx has strived to transform patient access to materially reduce time to therapy. 


Our end-to-end patient access infrastructure leverages advanced solutions as well as core Hub services. This includes the careful alignment of the right-time, right-place touchpoints to patients, providers and manufacturers for maximum impact. Our suite of proprietary digital tools and e-service transactions are employed by many of the world’s leading specialty pharmaceutical brands, thousands of the nation’s providers, as well as major hospital systems to improve patient outcomes, lower long-term costs, and deliver a streamlined onboarding experience. 

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