Technology solutions for today’s complex therapy products



[spacer height=”20″] [icon_box title=”CareMetx Connect” icon=”stack-2″ icon_type=”icomoon” icon_style=”alt”] CareMetx Connect, is a cloud-based technology for hub management and support of all the “hub” services required of specialty products. CareMetx Connect assures greater productivity of support personnel with its guided workflow, and product-specific triggers and it provides a cost-effective solution with easy customization and fast launch capabilities. Schedule a demo to see how CareMetx can support your hub, or replace your current CRM software.[/icon_box] [spacer height=”20″] [icon_box title=”Reporting Dashboards” icon=”clipboard-4″ icon_type=”icomoon” icon_style=”alt”] Manufacturers need access to data that informs decisions. CareMetx creates product or program branded reporting dashboards that allow for ad hoc reporting, self serve analytics and secure access based on role, department and territory. Contact us for a demonstration of our dashboard’s capabilities.[/icon_box]